This is a quick and dirty bed frame I put together based on the Oseberg or Gokstadt bed. It was meant to be a temporary solution, and it's gone now, without a replacement first. A new bed is in the works...

The first photo shows the bed frame before I put the plywood platform or mattress on it. I cheated the many many through tenons, and worked with cedar and KDF pine from the Borg, Big Orange Box, ah, Home Depot. I also didn't do the annoying beveled mortises for the pins.

The Frame

This next photo shows the leg in more detail. Here you can clearly see a spot of blue paint, left over from the Borg's stock identification schema. You can also plainly see the double wedge setup i did which allows me to effectively use a straight through mortise for wedging. Most of these mortises could probably do with a little more length. My guess is about 1/4"; which I'll be doing when I replace this frame with the Arts & Crafts style one that I'm planning to build out of walnut and ash or oak.

A Leg

I deliberately cut these dovetails loose so that I can easily assemble and disassemble this bed in the field.

Dovetail Joy

Here's the frame with the HUGE mattress we put on it. It's about three feet tall with just the mattress, which sits about 6" below the top of the side rails.

It really is a tall bed, and SWMBO would probably like a short set of stairs to get up into it.

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